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NMSU-Grants Hosts 10th Career Fair

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13 November 2012

By Aubrey Ashbaugh Beacon Staff Writer

GRANTS – The NMSU- Grants Branch already does enough in setting up careers for the younger generations here in Cibola County with the up coming Dual Enrollment Program, but with the annual Career Fair they are always looking to do more.

This year’s career fair on Nov. 8 hosted 24 businesses and brought 200 middle-school students from Los Alamitos and Tse Yi Gai to the public event, marking the correlation and involvement of both our upcoming generation and area businesses.

“The purpose of our career fair is to get both our businesses and the public together in the same place so we can get our job seekers connected to those who are hiring. We also like to involve our youth as well to give them a feel of what job hunting requires and what it is like,” explained Beth Armstead, advisor at NMSU.

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