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El Malpais National Monument Begins Cave Permitting Plan

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09 November 2012

GRANTS – El Malpais National Monument is planning to develop a Cave Access and Permitting Strategy and Environmental Assessment to guide how the lava tube caves in the monument may be accessed through a permitting system, according to a recent press release.

The monument is seeking public input about concerns or interests regarding cave management, specifically ideas about which caves should be accessible and how a permitting system should be implemented.

"The monument’s lava tube caves are a significant and sensitive resource, and traditionally one of the monument’s main recreational attractions," explained Superintendent Kayci Cook Collins. "The National Park Service seeks to balance the protection of these natural and cultural resources with the public’s desire to experience and explore them." ?

David Hays, Natural Resource Management program, is managing this planning process as a way to address these goals through communication with the public and interested organizations.

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