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Class of ’14 leaders will help shape NM

03 March 2014

Article by: Albuquerque Journal   |   Barbara Crockett & Patty Komko

Leadership New Mexico introduces you to its 18th Core Program class, the Class of 2014. The Class of 2014 is an amazing group of business leaders from 18 communities all across New Mexico. In this issue of Business Outlook, we provide you a glimpse of who they are, what they do and their experiences and thoughts about leadership, as well as Leadership New Mexico itself.

Leadership New Mexico was founded in 1995 based upon the strong belief that New Mexico’s future depends on informed leaders, inclusive of all regions, cultures and perspectives throughout the state. The founders recognized that New Mexico had an unmet need to inform and educate well-established as well as emerging leaders to better equip them to move the state forward. The result was Leadership New Mexico, a nonpartisan, volunteer-driven independent organization not affiliated with any organization or governmental entity. In the 19 years since its founding, Leadership New Mexico’s programs have evolved from its flagship Core Program for established, senior-level leaders to also include the Local Government Leadership, Connect New Mexico, The Next Generation of Leadership and Alumni Programs.

Leadership New Mexico participants invest their time to enrich New Mexico’s future, as well as their own lives. Since the Core Program began more than 18 years ago, we have provided nearly 1,200 business, community and government leaders unique and valuable insights into New Mexico’s many resources, opportunities and challenges. We have graduate leaders from 75 communities and over 50 industries including manufacturing, health care, state and local government, banking, accounting, law, education, oil and gas, high-tech, agriculture and the nonprofit sector, among many others.

What have been the keys to Leadership New Mexico’s success? Leadership New Mexico has created rich educational programs presented in an environment of trust and mutual respect that encourages the open communication necessary to develop and empower effective leaders. A powerful combination of speakers who are experts in their respective fields with unparalleled knowledge and participants with a wide range of experiences and perspectives, coupled with in-depth exposure to communities across the state, set Leadership New Mexico apart from any other organization in the state.

The Core Program educates and informs well-established leaders from every corner of our state. Among other things, the program introduces participants to leaders in other regions and industries that they would not have otherwise met. The program has six sessions in several regions across New Mexico over a 10-month period. The sessions address topics that include health and human services, economic development, education, environment and natural resources, crime and justice and government.

The Local Government Leadership Program is the product of a partnership with the New Mexico Municipal League, the New Mexico Association of Counties, and the New Mexico School Board Association. It is a program for county and municipal officials and members of the New Mexico National Guard, regional councils of governments and local school boards designed to explore the critical issues facing New Mexico. The Local Government Leadership Program meets for two, 2½-day sessions in different locations. The goal of the program is to develop and enhance leadership capacities of local officials while fostering a higher level of civic and community concern and participation. The program is patterned after the Core Program, and provides participants presentations on issues such as the history and demographics of New Mexico, economic development, education, health care and human services as well as a leadership skill-building workshop.

In 2007, Leadership New Mexico launched Connect New Mexico “The Next Generation of Leadership.” Connect New Mexico is a program for emerging business leaders, ages 25-40, to address systems and structures in New Mexico during three sessions across the state. These young professionals learn about statewide operations concerning a variety of systems and structures and participants are encouraged to cultivate new ideas and techniques to develop solutions to some of New Mexico’s most pressing issues. Participants are also introduced to recognized leaders who provide insight into a wide range of issues and topic areas.

Graduates of all three programs become members of an alumni network with a unique common bond. Relationships formed during Leadership New Mexico programs last many years. The Alumni Program provides graduates additional social, educational and networking opportunities throughout the year. Many graduates volunteer their time and talents back to the organization with amazing service on the board of directors and program committees that are the backbone and driving force of the organization.

With roots now firmly planted in communities across the state, Leadership New Mexico’s participants and alumni are enthusiastic about continued growth of its programs and the ability to be better equipped to solve the challenges facing our great state. Leadership New Mexico’s alumni are a group of the most talented, accomplished and dedicated leaders in the state, serving on hundreds of boards and overseeing thousands of employees. They play an active role in leading and governing the state by being actively involved in local, state and national issues. Their passion is evident through the positive work they continue to do within their organizations and businesses and within their local communities.

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers, speakers and sponsors. They share the collective belief that New Mexico’s future prosperity depends upon the quality of its leadership. We are confident that Leadership New Mexico will continue to accomplish the mission of inspiring leaders to make a difference, create a better future and touch thousands of lives across New Mexico.

For more information regarding Leadership New Mexico’s programs, please visit its website at or contact the Leadership New Mexico office at 505-241-4800.

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