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Northwest New Mexico has two beautiful forests that provide a positive & selective production for the forest industry

26 February 2015

Mt. Taylor Machine, LLC (doing business as Mt. Taylor Manufacturing) began it’s operation as an industrial machine shop in 1999.  However, this family owned business started out as a wood moulding plant in 1965!  Wood moulding production ceased in 2010 but continual diversification brought about a wood recycling yard (Wood You Recycle!), a wood pellet plant, sawmill., and more.

While the Machine Shop services many industries, it also is instrumental in maintaining efficient operations at all in-house company divisions.  The remaining divisions create an environmentally friendly company unlike any we are aware of:  The sawmill produces products from trees selectively harvested from our local forests through forest restoration programs.  Any removed trees come from areas categorized by the USFS as FRCCIII (highly prone to catastrophic crown fires) solely for prevention of fires and bark beetle infestations.

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